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Meet Chelsea



Owner, Operator, and Lead Videographer


Hi!! I'm Chelsea. I bet you’d be surprised to hear that I never planned on being a wedding videographer. I graduated from Kent State with a Bachelor’s in Psychology, and even started looking into grad school. I thought I would end up as a school psychologist or maybe a social worker, but something just didn’t feel right. 


Let’s rewind. I grew up in Akron, Ohio with three sisters who are my very best friends. If you YouTube me, you will find plenty of embarrassing music videos of us, because that’s what we did and we loved it. I started bringing my camera along to family vacations to capture all the moments that are now memories. And then one day, my cousin asked me if I'd shoot his wedding and this little business snowballed from there. So as you can see, CMVideo was created unintentionally. I took a leap of faith and went for my passion over the more standard career path, and I’ve never regretted it. I love capturing special moments that can be rewatched and relived for a lifetime. And being an empathic person (aka there's a good chance I'll tear up at your wedding) helps me know how to capture and edit your wedding day to make you feel all those feelings again years down the road. 


Now ten years later, I live in Mentor, Ohio with my husband Justin and our two sons Jace and Liam.  Justin and I met on Tinder in 2013, so I welcome all the Tinder couples! We love traveling the world together (on a budget) and you bet I still bring my camera along for all those adventures. I've shot 150+ weddings with no end in sight. I love this life of mine. 

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